Breathe Easier Inside Your Car With G.U.D. Cabin Air Filters

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic our daily lives have changed, how we protect ourselves in various environments has also changed and we have to protect ourselves and our families by wearing masks, sanitizing often and social distancing. One of the environments that we can also improve is the inside of our motor vehicles when we use it to perform our daily tasks like grocery shopping. Should you be wearing a face mask as you drive?

The air coming into your vehicle through the air conditioning vents go through a filter to remove impurities and toxins from the outside air. It is similar to a protective mask for your car’s air conditioner. A cabin air filter cleans the outside air before it passes the through the air conditioning unit into your car, removing particles as small as 5 micron (0.005mm to 0.010mm), not dissimilar to wearing a cloth mask.

The filter itself will not filter out the COVID-19 virus particles which are up to 10 times smaller than those captured by the cabin air filter, however research has shown that the COVID-19 particles are most commonly transmitted in liquid droplets expelled during coughing or sneezing. The liquid carrying the virus is significantly larger, making the likelihood of it being trapped by the cabin air filter much higher.

In any event, replacing your cabin air filter is a good way of protecting your respiratory health by filtering out dirt, dust, microbes and allergens that may cause irritability to the nasal passages, throat and lungs and even assist in preventing the symptoms of asthma, emphysema or Covid-19.

Most G.U.D. cabin air filters are manufactured in South Africa and ensure improved air quality inside your car and when replaced at the correct intervals will reduce the amount of allergens and contaminants inside the motor vehicle cabin. And while the cabin air filter is not considered essential protective gear, such as a face mask, it will provide a further level of protection to you and your family.

It is essential therefore to replace your cabin air filter regularly to keep the cabin of your car a safe space for you and your family. Cabin air filters should be replaced every 15000km’s or once a year.