GUD Filters - Product Warranty


  1. In the event that any GUD Filter (“Filter”) is unsuitable for its intended purpose, of poor quality, not in good working order, defective, substandard or fails during the service life of the Filter, G.U.D. Holdings (Pty) Ltd (“GUD”) will, subject to the limitations explained below:

    a) replace the Filter; or
    b) refund the price of the Filter.

    For the purpose of this warranty “Service Life” shall mean the Service Interval specified by the vehicle manufacturer for the specific vehicle to which the filter was fitted.

  2. Notwithstanding the above, if any physical harm to person or property is caused as a consequence of:-

    a) GUD supplying unsafe Filters;
    b) a failure, defect or hazard in any Filter.

    As set out in the Consumer Protection Act, GUD will, to the extent liable in law and on the facts, pay for loss/damages resulting from that harm. GUD’s obligations in terms of this paragraph will be limited to the duration of the Service Life of the Filter unless the Consumer Protection Act requires otherwise.

  3. In order to obtain the remedies set out above, the purchaser of the Filter must make use of GUD’s claims procedure, available on request by email to or at
  4. GUD will have the right not to provide the remedies set out above to the extent that the Consumer Protection Act does not oblige GUD to do so in the circumstances of a particular case.
  5. Counterfeits: GUD will not be liable for any damages arising from fitting counterfeit filters.

Should you require further information regarding our comprehensive warranty or our OEM quality filters please contact us at or download below:

How to Claim from the Comprehensive GUD Product Warranty