G.U.D. cabin air filter fitment training a hit amongst customers

We began rolling out our new cabin air filter training programme in October 2016 to retailers and workshops across the country to educate our customers about the benefits of fitting cabin air filters.  

Our sales representatives will be visiting customers over the next few months to provide the convenient and quick cabin air filter training at their premises.  Customers will also receive an electronic cabin air fitment manual that assists with the identification of fitment locations on various vehicles. Our range of Carbon Activated and Particle cabin air filters fit over 1552 vehicle applications.


AutoZone Cape Road salesmen Clint Hendricks and Kenny Struwig complete the GUD cabin air filter training
Kevin Hendricks GUD Western Cape salesmen offers cabin air filter training to his loyal AutoZone retailer
Uitenhage General Repairs owner Louis Esterhuizen (right) is happy to receive the our cabin air filter training
Our cabin air filter training is offered to both retailers and workshops with the mechanics especially keen for the information